Cellular multiprocessing

<architecture, parallel> (CMP) The partitioning of processors into separate computing environments running different operating systems.

The term cellular multiprocessing appears to have been coined by Unisys, who are developing a system where computers communicate as clustered machines through a high speed bus, rather than through communication protocols such as TCP/IP.

The Unisys system is based on Intel processors, initially the Pentium II Xeon and moving on to the 64-bit Merced processors later in 1999.

It will be scalable from four up to 32 processors, which can be clustered or partitioned in various ways.

For example a sixteen processor system could be configured as four Windows NT systems (each functioning as a four-processor symmetric multiprocessing system), or an 8-way NT and 8-way Unix system.

Supported operating systems will be Windows NT, SCO's Unixware 7.0, Unisys' SVR4 Unix and possibly the OS2200 and MCP-AS mainframe operating systems (with the assistance of Unisys' own dedicated chipset).

Home (http://www.marketplace.unisys.com/ent/cmp.html).

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