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Simple Network Paging Protocol - Version 3 -Two-Way Enhanced

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Network Working Group                                           A. Gwinn
Request for Comments: 1861                 Southern Methodist University
Obsoletes: 1645                                             October 1995
Category: Informational

     Simple Network Paging Protocol - Version 3 - Two-Way Enhanced

Status of this Memo

   This memo provides information for the Internet community.  This memo
   does not specify an Internet standard of any kind.  Distribution of
   this memo is unlimited.


   This RFC suggests a simple way for delivering wireless messages, both
   one and two-way, to appropriate receiving devices.  In its simplest
   form, SNPP provides a simple way to implement a "shim" between the
   Internet and a TAP/IXO paging terminal. In its level 3 form, it
   provides an easy-to-use (and build) method for communicating and
   receiving end-to-end acknowledgments and replies from two-way
   messaging devices (such as ReFLEX units).

   Gateways supporting this protocol, as well as SMTP, have been in use
   for well over a year at several commercial paging companies, and
   private businesses.  Client software supporting this protocol has
   become widespread, and is being integrated into many of the new
   paging and messaging products being built.  In addition to commercial
   software, email filters and SNPP client software for Unix and Windows
   (WikiPage) are available at no cost.  Please contact the author for
   more information.

   Earlier versions of this specification were reviewed by IESG members
   and the "822 Extensions" Working Group.  They preferred an alternate
   strategy, as discussed under "Relationship to Other IETF Work",

1. Introduction

   With all due apologies to the Glenayre engineers (who take offense at
   the term "nerd") beepers are as much a part of computer nerdom as X-
   terminals--perhaps, unfortunately, more. The intent of Simple Network
   Paging Protocol is to provide a standard whereby pages can be
   delivered to individual paging terminals.  The most obvious benefit
   is the elimination of the need for modems and phone lines to produce
   alphanumeric pages, and the added ease of delivery of pages to
   terminals in other cities or countries. The benefits of the Internet

Gwinn                        Informational

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