Set associative cache

<architecture> A compromise between a direct mapped cache and a fully associative cache where each address is mapped to a certain set of cache locations.

The address space is divided into blocks of 2^m bytes (the cache line size), discarding the bottom m address bits.

An "n-way set associative" cache with S sets has n cache locations in each set.

Block b is mapped to set "b mod S" and may be stored in any of the n locations in that set with its upper address bits as a tag.

To determine whether block b is in the cache, set "b mod S" is searched associatively for the tag.

A direct mapped cache could be described as "one-way set associative", i.e. one location in each set whereas a fully associative cache is N-way associative (where N is the total number of blocks in the cache).

Performance studies have shown that it is generally more effective to increase the number of entries rathethe r than associativity and that 2- to 16-way set associative caches perform almost as well as fully associative caches at little extra cost over direct mapping.

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