Video random access memory

<hardware> (VRAM) Fast memory designed for storing the image to be displayed on a computer's monitor.

VRAM may be built from special memory integrated circuits designed to be accessed sequentially.

VRAM must be fast enough to supply data to the display electronics at the speed at which the screen is scanned.

Thus for example, for a resolution of 1280x1024 eight-bit pixels at a refresh rate of 70 Hz, the video memory would need to supply 1280x1024x70 = 90 Mbyte/s or one byte every 11 ns.

The VRAM may be dual ported in order to allow the display electronics and the CPU to access it at the same time.

In an IBM PC the VRAM is located on the display interface card and 0.5 - 2 MB is typical.

A VRAM Song (!

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