Yet Another Compiler Compiler

<tool, language> (yacc) The LALR parser generator found on most Unix systems.

Also, the language used to describe the syntax of another language to yacc (the program).

Implementations: ayacc, YAY, perln-byacc,

SASL-Yacc - "Yacc in SASL - An Exercise in Functional Programming", Simon Peyton-Jones, Software Prac & Exp 15:807-820 (1985).

Mentions also a BCPL implementation.

Yacc++ - 1990.

An object-oriented rewrite of yacc, supports regular expressions, produces an LR1 grammar parser.

["YACC Meets C++", S.C. Johnson, USENIX Spring '88 Conf].

Chris Clark, Compiler Resources Inc, +1 (508) 435-5016.

MLYACC - Implementation and output in SML/NJ. (

A version, by David Poole at Montana University has been retargeted to Turbo Pascal.


See also Bison, yet another, Yet Another Yacc.

Unix manual page: yacc(1).

["YACC - Yet Another Compiler Compiler", S.C. Johnson, CS TR 32, Bell Labs (Jul 1975)].

[Was there ever an "ACC" - "Another Compiler Compiler"?

If so, what was the first compiler compiler called?]

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