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  1. [adverb] with a flopping sound; "he tumbled flop into the mud"

  2. [adverb] exactly; "he fell flop on his face"
    Synonyms: right

  3. [noun] an arithmetic operation performed on floating-point numbers; "this computer can perform a million flops per second"
    Synonyms: floating-point operation

  4. [noun] someone who is unsuccessful
    Synonyms: dud, washout

  5. [noun] a complete failure; "the play was a dismal flop"
    Synonyms: bust

  6. [noun] the act of throwing yourself down; "he landed on the bed with a great flop"
    Synonyms: collapse

  7. [verb] fall loosely; "He flopped into a chair"

  8. [verb] fall suddenly and abruptly

  9. [verb] fail utterly; collapse; "The project foundered"
    Synonyms: fall through, fall flat, founder


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