Basic fat burning soup (dolly parton soup)

Yield: 1 Large pot


  • 6 lg Onions

  • 2 Green peppers

  • 2 Whole tomatoes

  • 1 lg Cabbage

  • 1 bn Celery


Seasoning packet (any type -dry soup ou prefer-- -vegetarians should choose -a vegetable-based -seasoning) Cut vegetables in medium pieces and boil covered with water for 10 minutes. Turn heat low and simmer until vegetables are soft. This soup can be eaten any time you feel hungry. Eat as much as you wish and as often as you like any time of the day. The soup will not add calories. To be used as a supplement with the Dolly Parton/Fat Burning Diet program. If eaten alone for indefinite periods one might suffer from malnutrition. Variation: Strain out the vegies and puree them in the blender returning them to the liquid for a creamy version. From the recipe files of Mary Ann Young .

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