Cellular Neural Network

<architecture> (CNN) The CNN Universal Machine is a low cost, low power, extremely high speed supercomputer on a chip.

It is at least 1000 times faster than equivalent DSP solutions of many complex image processing tasks.

It is a stored program supercomputer where a complex sequence of image processing algorithms is programmed and downloaded into the chip, just like any digital computer.

Because the entire computer is integrated into a chip, no signal leaves the chip until the image processing task is completed.

Although the CNN universal chip is based on analogue and logic operating principles, it has an on-chip analog-to-digital input-output interface so that at the system design and application perspective, it can be used as a digital component, just like a DSP.

In particular, a development system is available for rapid design and prototyping. Moreover, a compiler, an operating system, and a user-friendly CNN high-level language, like the C language, have been developed which makes it easy to implement any image processing algorithm.

[Professor Leon Chua, University of California at Berkeley].

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