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  1. [noun] a grouping of a number of similar things; "a bunch of trees"; "a cluster of admirers"
    Synonyms: clump, cluster, clustering

  2. [noun] an informal body of friends; "he still hangs out with the same crowd"
    Synonyms: crowd, crew, gang

  3. [noun] any collection in its entirety; "she bought the whole caboodle"
    Synonyms: lot, caboodle

  4. [verb] form into a bunch; "The frightened children bunched together in the corner of the classroom"
    Synonyms: together, up

  5. [verb] gather or cause to gather into a cluster; "She bunched her fingers into a fist"; "The students bunched up at the registration desk"
    Synonyms: up, bundle, cluster, clump


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